FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Common questions

From the order and payment to the moment you hold the pictures in your hands, it takes about 5-8 working days (= 7-10 days), because we work together with a specialist laboratory.
Before Christmas and Easter, we lay special shifts, so it will not take longer.
Please note that after Christmas and in August, we have 10 days off of business and the delivery time is extended accordingly. However, you will be informed in detail.

Both. Depending on the institutions wishes, the parents can see ready-made folders or order the pictures they want in the set-up.
For our kindergartens we offer the Schatzkiste, for schools the Fotoaktion.
But no matter if it's a ready-made portfolio, a Fotoaktion or a Schatzkiste: you can always order from our Nachbestellservice.

No way! Data protection is very important to us. Your personal data such as name and date of birth - if we have it at all - are only cached by us and then automatically deleted. The production of data-sensitive products (eg ID or single-payer system) takes place directly in our house. Even in-house the entire data traffic is ssh- and ssl-encrypted.
All data is only accessible to employees who need to work directly with it. These employees are subject to confidentiality. Our privacy officer oversees compliance with our high privacy standards.
In no case will we pass on any data!

At the photo campaign or treasure chest: You will receive an envelope after the photo session. It contains a card with the photo transaction or treasure box code. This allows you to view your pictures. Possibly. you, or the children already during the photo session a sign with a barcode and the order code. However, you will get the order envelope again later in each case. For series with finished folders: As soon as the pictures are ready, we send them in a large package to the institution, sorted by class in their own envelopes. In it are the actual photo folders of the group. The institution then distributes it to the children. Pictures that are not bought will be collected again. We can pick up these residual images. Classes are hardly disturbed by this procedure.

Of course not. If the photographer should not take pictures of your child, please inform the kindergarten beforehand.
In schools, we only photograph children with written permission. We only photograph volunteers;)

We store the image data on our servers. Every night, a program runs, deleting the pictures that have expired.
You can be sure that the data will be deleted because the deletion is in our own interest. The (secure) storage of the data is expensive.

The digital student card is a plastic card the size of a bank card. The material is also identical to a check card. On the card is a digitalized photo of the student in color, name of the student, date of birth, name of the school, validity period and the digitized signature of the school board are also on the card. On request have on the back a box for the student's signature or a blank magnetic stripe (LoCo, others on order). All this information is applied to the plastic blank by a special process (thermal sublimation). As a result, the print is very resistant to abrasion and protected against manipulation. This procedure is considered very tamper-proof and is used in many countries around the world for driver's licenses or ID cards. This procedure is the highest quality available on the market. Competitors often work with paper cards that are protected only by cold, hot or wet laminate.

Our series are very low calculated and a discount, discount, etc. is simply not - at least not without us on the series pay. And of course we do not want that.

Yes, we offer framed canvas prints on printed cotton fabric. These pictures are already finished mounted on stretcher and need only be hung on the wall. These elaborate works of art we offer you as a repeat order at our Nachbestellservice for a very fair price.


If you have not paid yet, you can easily cancel your order yourself. Go to the status page of your order (the link to the status page can be found in your confirmation email). There you can cancel the order with one click (the link to cancel is kept very small, so that it is not accidentally pressed).
If you have already paid: Your order will be sent to the photo lab immediately after payment and will be produced. In this case, please contact our support who may be able to stop the production.

Naturally. Write the order number and your name in the subject of your transfer. If you have made two separate orders, just deduct postage. You can also order them for several children at once.

Bei der Fotoaktion oder der Schatzkiste (oder einer Kombination aus Bestellungen von beiden) gibt es drei Möglichkeiten, um nur einmal Porto zu bezahlen:

Bestellen Sie für ein Kind und folgen Sie dem Link am Ende des Bestellvorgangs oder in der Bestätigungsmail. Mit diesen Link können Sie der Bestellung weitere Bestellungen hinzufügen. Wenn Sie via PayPal bezahlen möchten, bezahlen Sie bitte erst nach der letzten Bestellung.


Bestellen Sie bitte für beide/mehrere Kinder hintereinander und überweisen dann beide Bestellungen in einem Betrag, jedoch nur einmal Porto (Summe beider Bestellungen minus einmal Porto). Als Verwendungszweck dann bitte sämtliche Bestellnummern angeben. Die Bestellungen werden dann automatisch zusammengefasst.


Sie tätigen zwei oder mehr einzelne Bestellungen. Gehen Sie dann auf die Statusseite einer der Bestellungen (den Link dazu finden Sie in der Bestätigungsmail). Dort wird Ihnen angeboten, alle offenen Bestellungen Ihrer eMail-Adresse zusammenzufassen und das Porto wird abgezogen. Wenn Sie via PayPal bezahlen wollen, dann zahlen Sie bitte erst nach dieser Zusammenfassung. Sie können direkt auf der Statusseite via PayPal bezahlen.

Wenn Sie keine dieser Möglichkeit nutzen, versucht unsere Versandabteilung dennoch, Bestellungen zusammenzufassen. Wenn Sie zu viel Porto bezahlt haben, legen die Mitarbeiter Ihnen ein Extraprodukt als Portoersatz bei.

Yes. You can have all the pictures in many different designs, decorative frames and sizes.
We have a shop system: You choose the product you want and put it in your shopping cart. At the end you go to the cash register, enter your data and you're done. We send you the pictures home

For Fotoaktion, Schatzkiste or Nachbestellservice: Transfer the amount to the specified account or pay via PayPal.


After ordering you will see our bank account details. Of course, you will also receive this data via eMail. You will also receive a link to the status page of your order. Among other things, you can see where your order is. There you will also see the account details.

The Fotoaktion

The Fotoaktion is a very simply designed shop with our bestsellers. It is aimed exclusively at schools.
Viewing and ordering is sensationally easy: Log in, view prepared series, if you like, enter shipping address. Finished. Easier than any other online shop.
You can also put together your own series. On your Photo Action page you will find a link to the Nachbestellservice. There you will find a selection of over 180 products around us photo. There you can order your personal collection with the usual shopping cart system.

For privacy reasons, we can not send you the code directly. In this case we send the code to the school and your child can pick up the code in the secretariat.
However, there are exceptions where we can tell you the code directly: -

    If you have already placed an order and want to order again, we will send the code to the original email address you ordered.
    If you have several children and you can show the code of a child.
    If you have already ordered last year, we can send you the new code to the old order email address.

Please contact the support.

The order of the series goes directly to the laboratory and there are finished sets deposited. That's one reason why we can offer the sets so cheaply. If you would like to change the composition of the sets, please use our Nachbestellservice.de.
There you can choose from more than 180 products and variants.
You can also order the photo campaign and, for example, order a single picture via reordering service. To do so, choose the shipping method for the reordering service together with the treasure chest / photo campaign. Then you only pay once for postage.



The confirmation email contains a reference to the overview page (status page) of your order. There you will also find the payment link to PayPal.
Alternatively, you can make the payment manually:

Log into PayPal and click on 'send money' above
There you choose under 'To': paypal@foto-und-kind.com
Under amount: total amount in EU
'Other goods' than 'The money is for:'

Under 'Your message to the recipient' as the subject:
NBXXXX / SKXXXXX / FA XXXXX (your order number)

Then send money. Finished.

We then get a message from PayPal and book the payment manually.

The Schatzkiste

The Die Schatzkiste is aimed at nurseries, crèches, kindergartens and elementary schools. Thanks to the advantages of the Internet, we can make you a very special offer:
In this series, we do not have to make expensive drawer prints of every picture, but everyone gets only the pictures he orders. The parents get a password after the photo session. So you can view all pictures of the photo session on our site. Of the pictures that they like, the parents can order prints. There are different sizes and variations available. We send the finished pictures directly to your home.
Because we know that all ordered images are also sold, we can calculate even scarce and offer you the pictures at a fantastic low price.
If you are interested in the series, we will gladly make you an offer.


No, but an Internet connection offers advantages.
We supply the kindergarten with a catalog with all pictures and order numbers. The parents can see the catalog in the nursery school and parents can then also order images via the order slip. The prices for the prints are equally low, but it can lead to longer delivery times. We also have to charge a small fee for the increased effort.

Yes. Usually, we do sibling and family shots in the afternoon, as long as the kindergarten wants it. We provide a sequence list for laying out and entering, so that waiting times are avoided.
Our photographic equipment is designed for family pictures of up to seven people.


Depending on what you wanted. We offer finished folders with more than 20 different finished series. Each series has 10-70 pictures in one to 3 shooting positions.
However, at most facilities we have agreed not to supply finished series anymore. You can use the treasure chest, the photo campaign and the reordering service to put together series, order individual pictures or even select from finished series (at the photo campaign or in the reordering service).
The price depends on your wishes and requirements. At less than 5 € it starts.
We deliver pictures that parents want and can afford. If we deliver ready-made portfolios to the view, then you get presented only what was agreed with the institution. We do not do the bad habit of adding more pictures to the folders in the hope that the parents will already buy them.

Of course. Write the order number and your name in the subject of your transfer.

All series are accompanied by a reordering card for each picture or you can find the last order code on the enclosed delivery note. On this little card, the reorder number is noted. With Nachbestellservice.de you can order pictures and other products.
We have these pictures made to your specifications.

The school or kindergarten decides how the pictures can be paid. Either the institution takes over directly collecting the amount. Or the parents transfer the money directly to us, then each picture book is accompanied by a transfer slip.

The Nachbestellservice

We produce the products at your request. Usually the reordering takes 6-12 working days until it is with you - before Christmas we work at full speed and shorten the delivery times.

Yes. At our order service Nachbestellservice you can also buy posters, canvas prints, key chains, teddy bears and much more.