The fine art of photography
Looks easy, but there is a lot of craft in it to make it look so easy.

  • Perfectly lit
  • Good craft
  • Made with love

Body-shots etc.

In full-body shots, the essence of the child comes to its best advantage. In all our series, we also make a full-body shot.

  • Creative
  • Made with love

group pictures

Not only do class imagery have to be well lit, but the work begins when the children are set up. With all the fun, there has to be some discipline when so many people get together in tight space.
Our photographers attach great importance to the group picture - after all, this is the memory of the whole group

  • Lively children's lineup
  • Elaborate post-processing
  • Made with love

Special shots

We have many more ideas in the program. Talk to us, we will definitely find the important things for you and your children.

  • Extra creativ
  • Smart ideas
  • Made with love


When we talk about the quality of our photos, we do not just mean the finished product. Already at the awarding of the contract, we comply with your wishes. When photographing we leave a lot of time with each child - and you can see that in our photos. For trained photographers and high-quality equipment alone do not make any good photos. We work with at least three mobile studio flashes - and not just one like most competitors. A main light provides the necessary, even brightness of the image. A sidelight gives the picture a lateral charisma and improves the contrast. A spot as a head light exposes the hair and ensures a silky shine of hair.
Finally, on some backgrounds, we use a fourth flash that highlights the texture and creates special light-shadow effects.
This effort can be seen in the finished picture.
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Our specialist laboratory enlarges the portrait photographs on thick, high-quality photo paper with high-quality raster-surface.
Only then can the glitter of the moment be held for a very, very long time.