Our (re)orderservice

Not just for repeat orders

One for All: Can be combined with the Schatzkiste , the Fotoaktion , or finished photo sets.

The convenient order-service for all our photo series: The internet-shop Nachbestellservice.
You will receive 10-digit code numbers from us. These code numbers are (also) reorder numbers.
With this you can order photos and many other products around the picture up to the given time with our wholesome shop system under Nachbestellservice.

  • Fotoaktion: The Fotoaktion-code is also the reorder number that you can enter in the Nachbestellservice.
  • Finished photo sets: Each set you received from us contains a delivery note. On it you will find one or more reordering numbers to use on Nachbestellservice.
  • Die Schatzkiste: If your Schatzkiste-code is 10 digits, then you can use this code directly with the Nachbestellserive. If the code is shorter, log in to your Schatzkiste, mark the photos you want and follow the link to Nachbestellservice.
Tip: The easiest way to transfer all the codes from the Schatzkiste or the Fotoaktion, is to log in your Schatzkiste or Fotoaktion and then follow the link to the Nachbestellservice. All your reorder-numbers will then be added automatically.
  • Sample of all products rendered with your child
  • Classic procedure with shipping cart etc.
  • Log on for easy order (again)
  • Download of Image-Files
  • Discounts & promotions
  • You can easy check the status of your order